“There’s a new software update out for the fourth-gen Apple TV that brings a few useful new features to the set-top box. tvOS 11 brings automatic dark mode switching, Home Screen Sync, proper AirPods support, and more to the Apple TV,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“When you set up or update an Apple TV with tvOS 11, Home Screen Sync is a new option that can be enabled after connecting your iCloud account,” Hall reports. “With Home Screen Sync enabled, you can rearrange your apps from any Apple TV running tvOS 11 and see the changes reflected on all other Apple TVs with the same iCloud account. Home Screen Sync also automatically installs apps across Apple TVs with the feature enabled.”

“AirPods now appear as a new speaker option automatically on Apple TVs with iCloud accounts connected to iPhones with AirPods paired. This means you can play music or easily listen to video from Apple TV through AirPods without using the TV speakers,” Hall reports. “The tvOS 11 software update adds new features to the fourth-generation Apple TV for free, but the big story this year is the new Apple TV 4K. tvOS 11 for Apple TV 4K has been enhanced for 4K TVs with support for high dynamic range color.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We love Home Screen Sync. All of our Apple TV 4 units now look and operate exactly the same, but we can’t wait for our Apple TV 4K units to arrive!