“Apple’s stock has fluctuated but largely risen over the past three months leading up to its big presentation, where the company is expected to announce a 10th anniversary phone,” Lisa Marie Segarra reports for TIME Magazine. “That means that Cook, as an Apple stockholder, has benefited from the company’s success. But what is Tim Cook’s net worth?”

“We asked Dan Marcec, director of content at Equilar, a data-focused company that has reported on CEO compensation,” Segarra reports. “625 million… is Marcec’s best low estimate.”

Segarra reports, “In 2015, Cook said he would give away all of his money, a commitment many other wealthy philanthropists — including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet — have made as well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: He’ll easily be a billionaire when all is said and done (if he isn’t already via other investments that he can keep private).

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