“The greatest Silicon Valley-Washington flirtation in the past year has been whether Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is running for president,” Seung Lee reports for SiliconBeat. “But in some pockets of the internet, it’s Apple CEO Tim Cook who’s been generating the presidential buzz.”

“So one intrepid Iowan reporter decided to ask Cook, who was in Des Moines to unveil a data center in the town of Waukee, the million-dollar question: Is he gunning for the White House?” Lee reports. “‘You’ve got to be kidding,’ said Cook to The Des Moines Register Thursday as he was visiting a local Apple store. ‘That must be a comedian or something.'”

“When the reporter followed up, Cook insisted he had no interest in politics,” Lee reports. “‘I’ve got a full-time job. And I love Apple deeply,’ said Cook. ‘So no, there’s no connection there at all.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. For that matter, Zuckerberg has also flatly denied he was running, answering “No” when asked if he was running by BuzzFeed News back in January.

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Is Tim Cook running for president? – August 25, 2017