Tim Cook on whether he’s running for the U.S. presidency: ‘You’ve got to be kidding’

“The greatest Silicon Valley-Washington flirtation in the past year has been whether Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is running for president,” Seung Lee reports for SiliconBeat. “But in some pockets of the internet, it’s Apple CEO Tim Cook who’s been generating the presidential buzz.”

“So one intrepid Iowan reporter decided to ask Cook, who was in Des Moines to unveil a data center in the town of Waukee, the million-dollar question: Is he gunning for the White House?” Lee reports. “‘You’ve got to be kidding,’ said Cook to The Des Moines Register Thursday as he was visiting a local Apple store. ‘That must be a comedian or something.'”

“When the reporter followed up, Cook insisted he had no interest in politics,” Lee reports. “‘I’ve got a full-time job. And I love Apple deeply,’ said Cook. ‘So no, there’s no connection there at all.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. For that matter, Zuckerberg has also flatly denied he was running, answering “No” when asked if he was running by BuzzFeed News back in January.

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Is Tim Cook running for president? – August 25, 2017


        1. Your forgot

          Donald Trump, Most despicable and dishonest President of the US.

          I hope the pile of money he’s accumulating at the expense of Americans makes him feel warm because when he leaves or is thrown out of office he’ll be the most despised and disgraced President ever. He’s gonna make Nixon seem like a populist president.

          1. What pile of money President Trump is accumulating are you referring to? He declined a salary. Hello, anyone home?

            No, the most dishonest president was Bill Clinton serial lying to the world on camera. Got caught and was impeached. Lost his law license and paid a fine of nearly a million dollars.

            Get your facts straight Trump hater …

          2. Donald Trump is not a liar in the conventional sense of the word. Liars know that they are lying. And most people turn away from liars eventually. A liar feels guilty and it shows. Being caught in a lie makes them look weak. Like Anthony Weiner.

            Donald Trump isn’t so much a liar as he is a salesman. A good salesman can work for Pepsi one day and believe in the virtues of that sweet Pepsi sugar water. How when put on ice it still has plenty of flavor because it’s a little sweeter than Coke. The next day the salesman finds himself working for the Coca Cola company and he has to extol its virtues and criticize Pepsi for being too sweet. And if he’s a good salesman. He will say. Who in the world drinks soda on ice?! I like my Coke out of a glass bottle. Refreshing not too sweet. Just like the good ole days.

            Donald Trump as president must do a lot of pitching and selling. And what he’s selling is himself as an answer to
            the countries problems. He is an ego maniac and in his heart believes that he is the answer. This makes him seem honest because he’s not lying about that. All the little “lies” he tells are just sales pitches that he adjusts on the fly to his different market demographics.

            Anyone that supports him. Anyone that hates him. You have to realize that he’s a salesman. He never told you that he wasn’t. He sells real estate. He sells dreams. I’m not taking up for him. I didn’t vote for him. But if he is pushing your buttons one way or the other, there’s a reason: Mr Trump is a natural born salesman. If he were just an every day run of the mill liar. He wouldn’t get away with it like he does.

            “Nobody dast blame this man. A salesman is got to dream boy, it comes with the territory.”


            “It’s the only dream you can have– to come out number-one man.”

            1. None of that was written to excuse him. But it doesn’t excuse the people that are responding to his sales pitches one way or the other. People need to investigate the product. And the product at this point is what he is doing behind the scenes, the people he is hiring to regulate, to run his administration. A voter that can make a difference has to be able to tell the difference.

            2. I tend to agree with you, XJ. Trump actually believes most of what he says. Then, the next day, when he changes his story, he believes that too. I knew a self-delusional guy like that in high school. I always believed that it was a defense mechanism to protect his fragile and buttered ego.

              Trump actually believes that he is great because he is wealthy. He believes that he has the right to do whatever he wants because he has wealth and power – “might makes right.” He has the attitude of medieval nobility, which is truly sad and despicable.

              Somehow, this goon got elected to the highest office in the U.S. We will long regret the results of this Administration

            3. You new around here? Or just another regular hiding under an instant fake name. No matter.

              So you are saying the First Goon is going to Make America Great Again? Works for me …

            4. I think he believed it before he used the power of that belief to get elected. I’m not biblical but the Bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for. So sometimes. Just believing makes your dreams real. Steve Jobs believed but he surrounded himself with great men and women and they worked their asses off for him. But with Trump. He can’t surrround himself but ultimately he can’t stand the presence of great people. He turns on them out of insecurity.

            5. “But with Trump. He can’t surrround himself but ultimately he can’t stand the presence of great people. He turns on them out of insecurity.”

              Last time I checked he has a great Cabinet starting with Rex, generals, et al.

              You don’t ascend from the working class to the billionaire class “out of insecurity.”

              Get real …

            6. True. Except how many people has he brought on and then fired while in office. He either has bad judgment on the front end or the back end or he is very insecure.

            7. no one knows better than you living proof inane pestering posts with no insight or intelligence, just insults yes you know all about pathetic

            8. Please spare my your righteous indignation. So tell me. The buttwipe claimed tRump rose from working class to the billionaire class.

              That statement can only be described as willfully stupid. To even utter it you have to be profoundly stupid.

              Do you have a problem with what I said or are you just as ignorant as buttwipe.

              And sheesh. On a boards that only seems to to bring out the insult in us all, you hop on your high horse and pretend like it is me in the gutter.

              Just. shut. up.

              bottwipe is bottwipe. buttwipe only serves as bottwipes, wet buttwipe.

              Either defend donald tRump rising from the working class and pulling himself up by his bootstraps to become a billionaire.

              otherwise, shut up and crawl back into your anonymous hole.

            9. GoeB:

              Sorry to break it to you. But you have NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE or INTELLECTUAL TO ADD TO THE DISCUSSION. Drive by insults and VULGAR LANGUAGE in voluminous posts means NOTHING to me. So, STFU!

              Response from CitizenX June 23, 2017 at 2:45 AM:

              tell you what. don’t respond to my post and I won’t respond to you. Sounds simple enough,

            10. oh. I called you out of your stupid comment about tRump working his way up from the working class. I called you stupid.. Willfully stupid. How is that for having something to say?

              unmedicated wetwipe.

            11. I still think at this point Trump hasn’t done anything as bad as George W. We have a Walgreens across the street from a CVS in my town. And in the next town. And probably every town. And all the money that pours into those places is pretty much sucked out of the federal government and sent to the drug companies under the guise of the free market. The thing that Republicans don’t realize is that if the Feds write the check. It’s not the free market anymore. It’s a cultivated market for cronies.

          1. Joe Arpaio built his career on race baiting. He got his conviction for defying a direct order from a federal judge who commanded him simply to obey the Equal Protection Clause to the United States Constitution. The same contempt for the rule of law that got him convicted got him de-elected by the good people of Maricopa County.

            Arpaio is a classic example of why so many minority members hate cops… though not nearly as much as good cops (and prosecutors like I was for 30 years) hate criminal scum like Arpaio. These “lawmen” who cannot follow the law make our jobs so much more difficult and even dangerous.

            To find that unrepentant Latino-hater a “worthy subject” for 45’s very first executive pardon speaks volumes. It is a natural follow-on to labeling most Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers—and, no, he did not limit that to illegal immigrants; read the speech. (I believe that was the same speech where Trump first insisted that Mexico would pay for the wall that he now expects US taxpayers to build, on pain of having the government shut down.)

            It also fits the picture of a man who claimed that a judge born in Indiana was unfit to sit on the bench solely because his father legally immigrated to the United States from Mexico years before Trump’s mother immigrated from Europe. White immigrant lives matter; brown ones, not so much.

            Tim Cook is wise to avoid electoral politics, but he would be a better leader for America than somebody who can watch a mob chanting Nazi (“Blood and Soil”), anti-semitic (“Jews will not replace us”), and white supremacist slogans and still insist that “many good people” were in that crowd. This is a man who can draw a moral equivalence between fascists and anti-fascists and show at least as much sympathy for the “good people” in the white-power mob as for the peaceful demonstrator that they killed.

            Let’s get real here: Men who apologize for Nazis are Nazi apologists. Those who sympathize with the KKK are KKK sympathizers. Millions of people died to rid the world of Nazi apologists, and now we have one in the White House.

            It cannot be an accident that Trump’s father was once arrested for disorderly conduct while participating in a KKK demonstration against Catholic cops. He was a “very good person,” too.

            The Arpaio pardon is a natural move for a president who idealizes Andrew Jackson, a man who claimed to be a populist when his considerable wealth was entirely built on the labor of the 150+ human beings that he owned as slaves. Trump recently told us that Jackson could have avoided the Civil War that Lincoln’s election provoked. Sure, by continuing slavery indefinitely. I wish I were certain that reaching a compromise on human bondage isn’t exactly what Trump meant.

            Jackson famously told the United States Supreme Court to pound sand when they ruled that he could not violate US treaty obligations by dispossessing the Five Civilized Tribes from their land. Just like Arpaio and Trump, he showed his contempt for the rule of law by giving the Judicial Branch the finger. I’m sure the armed men who drove women and children to their deaths along the Trail of Tears included “many, many good people,” too. We need to recognize that the genocide victims had faults as well.

            When I heard the news of the Arpaio pardon, I nearly threw up. There is hardly any way that Trump could have chosen to illustrate his conviction that “law and order” is entirely about imposing order and has absolutely nothing to do with law.

            1. An excellent post. It’s one of the reasons I think that the tabloid president you have is so appropriate for your nation. He represents how lost your country has become but it’s winning the race to the bottom.

              I hope you are safe from Harvey’s Hurricane.

            2. No joke, Trump’s visage is beginning to appear in National Enquirer and the New York Post, accompanied by sensationalist headlines. The mainstream press already presents his image as an atavistic, gaping demagogic orator. I hope you feel snug in your remote eyrie. The likes of us must cope with feelings of being trapped in a fouled nest, or wary of being displaced by a cuckoo.

            3. No, I don’t feel smug actually. It’s sad to see what is happening to this once great nation that I so admired but my accuracy in predictions is pretty good and in the short term, well it’s going to get worse before it gets better, you still haven’t hit rock bottom. That’s in the short term. Humanity’s future is bright, wether or not your nation figures out how to climb from the cesspool you are now in remains to be seen but I am not underestimating humanity’s potential to wise up. Either way, it’s going to be a huge cost.

            4. Humble, awed by the beauty of nature. You can see the sort of dance that is going around here. There is a lot of hatred and anger coming from those of your country.

            5. Another tedious Libtard post. You only present the Democrat side of the story, as usual Democrat troll. But at least your butt wipe buddy is excited, woohoo! …

            6. There is no Democrat side to this story, since none of the characters are Democrats.

              This began when a judge ordered Arpaio to stop detaining people just because they looked Mexican, without any probable cause or even reasonable suspicion that they had committed a crime for which they could be arrested by a state peace officer. That judge was a very conservative Republican (a graduate of Brigham Young University), which is why he was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals by a Republican governor and to the federal bench by a Republican president.

              The order itself was hardly “Democrat,” since the Fourteenth Amendment was adopted by an overwhelmingly Republican majority after the Civil War. The prohibited conduct plainly violated both equal protection and due process, which are also guaranteed by Art. 2 of the Arizona Constitution.

              The people detained (many of whom were citizens or legal residents) were affected exactly like anybody else who has been kidnapped or wrongfully imprisoned by a gang of lawbreakers. The taxpayers in Arizona (mostly Republicans) have had to pay millions of dollars in compensation and legal fees for Arpaio’s defiance of the clearly established law.

              Another judge presided at Arpaio’s trial for criminal contempt. She got her degrees at the University of Iowa, another place that is hardly a liberal hotbed. She was repeatedly elected (as an Independent) to the Superior Court for Maricopa County by the same voters who elected Arpaio. She was then nominated for the federal bench by the Republican Whip of the Senate and was sponsored at her confirmation hearing by Orrin Hatch.

              There was nothing “Democrat” about her finding that Arpaio and his deputies repeatedly violated the court order (and both the state and federal constitution) by continuing to detain people without probable cause for at least 18 months after the order was issued. There was nothing “Democrat” about the Trump Justice Department lawyers who prosecuted the case.

              A lot of people get pardoned, but most of them show some sign of repentance for breaking the law. By his own admission, Sheriff Arpaio would do it again if the voters hadn’t thrown him out of office. I think we all know that Donald Trump has a rather similar attitude towards the protection of citizens from government oppression. If we had any doubt, the last couple of weeks would remove the uncertainty.

            7. Did you read Botty’s list of all the despicable pardons under Obama?

              Of course not.

              And you have a problem with a Sheriff protecting citizens? Unreal …

            8. Yes I read it.

              You DON’T have a problem with a Sheriff throwing citizens in jail for no reason other than the color of their skin (which is exactly what Arpaio did, and says he would do again)? Why am I not surprised?

              Racism is not a conservative principle. The Constitution is not a libtard document. I really hope that you and your buddies are paid Russian trolls. The notion that Americans could embrace your principles voluntarily is really, really scary.

            9. I don’t care about your attacks against the Sheriff. To be expected.

              But it is interesting you READ Obama pardons and have NO PROBLEM with any of them?!?!?!

              Thanks for nothing, FAKE CONSERVATIVE

            10. Orwellian. Strength is weakness, weakness is strength. But remember, the saurians ruled for a hundred million years because they were strong. But when the land changed, they became weak, and the weak rose up. That’s us. And now we rule. Until the land changes again. Which may be sooner than we think.

            11. Allow me, Botty.

              TXuser is a professional PARTISAN liar.

              His post stating he is a straight white male CONSERVATIVE prosecutor retired in Texas is the biggest LIE I’ve read on MDN.

              We all know what he cares about. Tediously knocking and misinterpreting President Trump on a daily basis. We got it.

              When has the so called CONSERVATIVE ever defended President Trump and agreed with conservative principles?

              Answer: NEVER.

              Total FAKE and TOTAL FRAUD.

              And he sleeps just swell with his DECEIT …

            12. If you want to imagine me as a Democrat who is not a conservative, constitutionalist straight white male prosecutor, you are welcome. I know who I am.

              No, I don’t defend Trump. Why would a conservative ever do that? How have I misinterpreted Trump? Did he not defend a bunch of neo-Nazis, Kluxers, and skinheads as “good people,” and then pardon a man convicted of locking people up for being brown? What does attacking the US Constitution have to do with conservatism?

              I prefer to take you at face value, and not imagine you as an overaged prostitute in a St. Petersburg basement who is collecting some extra cash from the FSB to attack America online. Sometimes I have to struggle when you say this stuff.

            13. • Lie #1:
              No, he did not “defend neo-Nazis, Kluxers and skinheads as ‘good people.'”

              • Lie #2:
              No, he did not pardon a man convicted of locking people up for “being brown.” He was “convicted” by an activist judge, without jury trial which he asked, for following and enforcing standing immigration law…just as he had been doing for 24 elected years by the good citizens of Maricopa County.

              • Lie #3:
              No, there were no “Trump in Moscow hotel prostitutes.”

              • Lie #4:

            14. #1—I think we differ on a matter of interpretation. Trump clearly did defend “many people” who were voluntarily participating in a demonstration that was obviously organized and dominated by white supremacists. I don’t regard those as “good people,” even if they don’t self-identify with the neo-Nazis, Kluxers, or skinheads who were marching alongside them. I doubt that very many Americans outside the core Trump constituency—conservative or not—think that “very many good people” are participating in such events. You may disagree with my opinion, but the facts speak for themselves.

              #2—A federal judge found that Arpaio and his deputies were, in fact, locking people up based solely on the suspicion that they were undocumented aliens (i.e., they had brown skins or spoke Spanish) without any probable cause or legal authority to do so. That is why the judge ordered him to stop. A different federal judge later found that Arpaio had violated the order by continuing his illegal “immigration sweeps” for at least 18 months after the issuance of the order. Arpaio has not disputed the basic facts, but just insists that he did nothing wrong. Neither judge is regarded as an “activist” by anybody outside the alt-right; both were active in conservative politics before they were nominated for the federal bench by Republican US Senators. If—as you insist—Arpaio had been violating the Federal and Arizona Constitutions by conducting illegal searches and seizures without due process and in violation of equal protection for 24 years, that makes him less worthy of a pardon, not more so.

              #3—I didn’t mention any “Trump in Moscow hotel prostitutes,” so this is a complete red herring. I agree that the existence of the incriminating tape remains unsubstantiated (though not disproved) by independent sources, unlike many of the other allegations made in the Steele “dossier,” which have proved to be true.

              #4—How am I to reply to an ad hominem attack? I am proud of who I am and of what I have done in my life. I am sorry that you confuse loyalty to the President with conservative principles, but both he and I took an oath to “faithfully execute the duties of” our respective offices and to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States” and the laws adopted pursuant thereto. I kept my promise. By pardoning an unrepentant lawbreaker convicted of violating core constitutional guarantees, Mr. Trump did not.

            15. Here’s another truth for you:

              A Maricopa County Supervisor commented today that President Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, but he did not pardon the people of Arizona from paying the unnecessary debts that he generated.

              The racial profiling case has, to date, cost about $70 million in legal fees, damages, and remediation expenses. The cost over the next couple of years is expected to rise by another $12 million or so. Other claims against the Sheriff’s Department for unlawful imprisonment, excessive force, wrongful death, and so forth have cost the county an additional $82 million. All of that was perfectly avoidable if the Sheriff had just done his job instead of showboating on the taxpayers’ dime.

              Add it all together and it amounts to $174 million. That might be chump change for Mr. Trump, but the taxpayers of Maricopa County will be paying it off for a very long time to come. Perhaps the President could offer to pay it for them out of his own pocket.

            16. Have you calculated the cost of the phony Russian collusion investigation by Torquemada Mueller yet?

              probably not, huh, Mr. Lie Machine.

            17. The demise of the plantation party is imminent. So you said, and it may work out that way. Thus we will need another 2nd political party, because the two-party system has kept the wheels grinding for 200 years, — despite the Whigs, the Greenies and other joke 3rd parties, and a time-out for a civil war — and we all know that a one-party system leads directly to tyranny. So our new 2nd party will displace the Plantation Democrats, and there is a nascent one waiting in the wings right now — Joe Lieberman’s Social Democrats. He and John McCain may join up to form something called the Freedom Party. Who would want to vote against anyone running on a Freedom ticket? Or they could call it the Liberty Party. Who would want to vote against anyone running on a Liberty ticket?

              The whole thing is ridiculous. What we need is leaders, and not just a single one like Il Duce, but local and state leaders who look out for local and state interests instead of pandering to a cockamamie national agenda. Emperors haven’t cut it since 1845.

            18. Well, I’m glad you were able to get that off your chest. I’m not going to defend Trump for all the idiocies he spouts. But while I usually agree with your posts, I can’t quite bring myself to see Arpaio as the bad guy. Maybe it’s a personal failing.

              As I’m sure you know, Arpaio has been very popular in AZ for a long time. While retrograde in some ways, the chain gangs and pink jumpers were popular with the electorate. Despite all that Arpaio was seen as an effective no-nonsense sheriff who knew his business.

              Yes, he was absolutely guilty of ignoring a direct order from a federal judge. That is not something to cheer about as it’s sets a terrible precedent. But it is an indicator that something has gone seriously wrong at some level in Government.

              African Americans have been on the unpleasant end of racial profiling since the founding of the Republic. It was right to push back against the clear trampling of rights. Unfortunately, many feel that the pendulum has swung way too far to the point of where common sense has been lost. Arizona, as does Texas, contends with a constant flow of Mexicans, both legal and illegal. It’s the nature of the geography. To tell law enforcement to turn a blind eye to that is self defeating. There needs to be a middle ground were people’s rights are protected while providing law enforcement the ability to do their job effectively.

              When federal law holds that illegal immigrants should be detained it is crazy to go after local state law enforcement officers who enforce that law. Rightly or wrongly, most people aren’t going to care about the intricacies of jurisdiction. What they see is a schizophrenic government and an unrepentant sheriff who dared to stand up and take a side.

          2. Agreed! Justice does prevail. The Obamanation that aggressively pursued political opponents is a national disgrace. Here’s hoping we are just beginning to witness righting wrongs of the last eight years …

        2. Typical bullshit response — deny the credibility of the reporter when the facts don’t align with your own narrow minded opinions. Classic bottvinnik. Bottvinnik can’t even put up a coherent rational response, so off into a tirade about the straw man media he goes.

          What does any of this have to do with Apple? Nothing really. MDN just posts every little thing on Cook’s agenda as an opportunity for more pathetic political mudslinging on its biased little wordpress ad page. Steve and Dean missed their true life calling as political slimeballs in the DC swamp, which anyone can see has not been drained.

  1. How so?

    Following Liberal beliefs the last eight years has not made us better. Cook is Clueless as a responsive Apple CEO and would be out of his league as a President IMHO.

    Just my TWO CENTS …

      1. I’d be happy to do so after a rest, botvinnik. I’ve had a day, I have. Not quite used to returning to work as a programmer consultant after a year or more of julep-assisted poolside dalliances in balmy California. By the way, our mutual friend the character assassin Walter Isaacson, whose biographies exposed the sexual peccadilloes of men we all used to admire, like Einstein, Franklin, and Jobs, is now finalising his latest hit piece, a biography of that flaming homosexual Leonardo da Vinci. What ho, next Walter will be breathing heavily over the story of Alan Turing, another deviant who incidentally helped win World War II and established the theory of computing in his spare time.

          1. Road Warrior, when someone on the internet challenges me, I assume that what they want to do is to put me down, to put me in my place. That has been my life experience. In real-life, face-to-face encounters I have managed to hold my own, because the immediacy of social presence and body language and direct tonal speech—and the power of personality, up close—tend to nullify bluster and innuendo, and invite persuasion. But in an internet forum there is little protection, and we’ve seen that the finest arguments disintegrate from napalm bombing.

            1. Does that pusillanimous, though silver-tongued, response mean you are defending your source of “Salon” as a “legitimate historical source that documents James Buchanan was a homosexual”?


            2. I was in the tub, feeling too lazy to unearth the scholarship you requested, so I had Siri google recent articles about gay presidents, only to satisfy your curiosity. Maybe Jimboy simply preferred males to females as companions; many men of that era did, and nothing to do with sexuality. Scholarship is divided on the Buchanan question. Only theorems represent 100% proof. History, law and journalism may approach proof but can never arrive at it: which is why they are not sciences. They do give us lots to talk about, and lively debates can last for generations. There is no proof that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, or that Dr. Samuel Mudd was in league with John Wilkes Booth. There are only likelihoods. By the way, why do the media always report assassins as having three names? Except for Sirhan Bishara Sirhan. I suppose news editors deliberately dropped the middle name in favour of the catchy repeated name. (Mel Gibson wondered about that in Conspiracy Theory, a movie I rewatch every year.)

        1. You need something more authentic.

          Ross, Shelley (1988). Fall from Grace: Sex, Scandal, and Corruption in American Politics from 1702 to the Present. New York, NY: Ballantine Books. ISBN 978-0-345-35381-8.

            1. The cry of the real baby.

              Here someone else who wrote about Buchanan being gay that you can pffffft to. Seems that is your one trick.

              Watson, Robert P. (2012). Affairs of State: The Untold History of Presidential Love, Sex, and Scandal, 1789–1900. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. ISBN 9781442218369.

              Dr. Robert P. Watson is a professor, author, frequent media commentator, and former candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

            2. Wrong on both counts, I’m not a libtard from your pitiful terrorist nation nor do I enjoy the suffering.

              It’s a karma thing. The beatings will continue as long as you keep turning your back on mother nature. I’m just thanking the one capable of the proper payback.

              It’s called respect, I hope you learn it some day.

            1. Salon was just evicted from their NY headquarters because they could not pay the rent…here is their current headline from website, amazingly, they were able to stuff two lies in one headline…
              “FAILURE TO LEAD
              One dead in Charlottesville. Ten dead or missing at sea. Zero words spoken by Donald Trump”
              …with artwork of Jews in a concentration camp.

              Salon is probably the worst example of a “legitimate historical source” one could possibly imagine.

            2. “Always the same childish insults. How ridiculous you are. That’s the problem since you never have any argument. You’re really at the same level at your idol. I guess you’ll take that as a compliment, but it isn’t.”

              Hey brainless, let me know the topic you want to discuss. I’m ready …

        2. I told you so. Over the years of discussion and debate with people from your nation I’ve found 3 simple rules of thumb that can be applied to most situations:

          1. The ad hominem attack, which in this particular case seems to be what happened.

          2. Smoke and mirrors, a deflection from the issue at hand.

          3. Never ever a comment about this issue at hand.

          Well I’m off to enjoy the free and civilized world, which keeps getting greater and greater and greater…

          1. your source is a fucking executive producer of one of the worst “wake up to America!” bullshit propaganda talking head cartoons.

            that is not “Please link to legitimate historical source that documents James Buchanan was a homosexual.”

            that wasn’t even a good effort.

            1. Thanks for the link. Another magazine. Doesn’t your nation have peer reviewed journals or has the chump been book burning. At any rate I’d rather be an idiot than a citizen of a terrorist nation.

            2. And the quote from your source, so it has to be valid.

              “Some now think James Buchanan was homosexual. If that is true, and had been known, it would have prevented his serving as President—or even as town librarian in most towns. The requirements of sexual conformity were greater, not less, in the past.”

              So wether or not it’s true no one knows for sure. No evidence proving, no evidence disproving. Not that I care one way or the other but the article does link to the possibility that he was a homosexual, but of course in those days you had to hide it. That’s what your country is all about, all style, no substance.

            3. Just like Galileo declaring that the earth orbited the sun. That was some revision of history.

              Oh found an interesting quote from that dude Buchanan.

              “”I am now solitary and alone, having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.”

              Change in perspective is a constant.

              Always a pleasure botvinnik. Good luck with that wall. How much have the Mexicans paid up for it so far?

            4. “Oh found an interesting quote from that dude Buchanan.”

              yet you do not cite a source…which is this lie from, “The NAMBLA Newsletter”?

            5. GoEB, you must have a one track mind to suggest me changing my handle. I’m quite happy with it but for your suggestion I’d be more inclined to change it to “I love the free and civilized world”.

            1. Heck no, they are all going to be building a trench between their nation and yours. Not to mention the secret breeding program between repukkkhans and demoncrats, to produce reptards.

            2. Canada and Mexico are going to have a summit about the Wall. They are going to build two walls. North and South. The idea is to keep the idiots inside. At the same time native Americans are holding a big summit and celebration in the Las Vegas. They celebrate Donald Trump because he promised to send all the imigrants back to home including himself.

            3. “Ever since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his version of our immigration policy to virtue signal how it differed from the Trump administration in the U.S., the predictable has happened.

              Illegal asylum seekers have been flooding across our border with the U.S., most frequently in Quebec.

              The numbers are spinning out of control, with Montreal’s Olympic Stadium and other facilities conscripted to provide emergency shelter, traditional refugee services having been overwhelmed.”

              lol, you goddamned hypocrite.

            4. What do you expect, no other country will accept refugees from your nation, and I don’t blame them. Too bad your country isn’t great enough to keep people inside. Maybe you should build a wall around your whole nation to keep them inside.

              I’d rather be a hypocrite than a citizen of a terrorist nation.

            5. So? That’s Canada’s problem, not yours. Of course being the bully nation that you are, that’s nearly impossible for you to do. They are arrested at the border. Many were legal citizens of your country by the way, they just don’t want to belong to a nation that tortures innocent people and posts references worse than Salon on the net. It happened before when the sensible people of your nation left due to the Vietnam conflict, another of your never ending wars on everyone.


              I hear that Canada will be inviting North Korea for war games off their coast next year. You’ll probably cry about that too, pffffft the cry of baby botvinnik.

            6. “So? That’s Canada’s problem, not yours.”

              a new descent into hypocrisy! IF ONLY you would keep your fucking nose out of US problems (and cough-up your NATO debt.)

            7. If only you’d keep your citizens and stop polluting it with your refugees. Refugees from your nation, what a joke your terrorist nation has become, and it’s going to get funnier.

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