“After over 1,000 days [without an update], the future of the Mac mini is murky. The 2014 model is still being sold. But Apple made a positive comment or two about it at the April tech reporter roundtable. It was mentioned that some users of the cheapest Mac were pros, and Apple made the point of emphasizing the fact that they just loved pros,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “That was the last we heard of the Mac mini.”

“But if Apple likes it so much, why not invest a small sum in outfitting it with more recent processors and other components?” Steinberg wonders. “Why let it stagnate?”

“A simple refresh could have been released by now” Steinberg writes. “What is Apple waiting for? If the mini is going away, would Apple have even bothered to make positive comments about it at that roundtable, or was that just a holding pattern until they decided what to do next?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mac mini owners love their diminutive Macs and would surely welcome a nice update. What would you like to see in an updated Mac mini? User replaceable RAM? Thunderbolt 3? Would you tolerate a price increase? If so, how much?

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