“Early last year, Softorino made downloading YouTube videos and transferring them to iOS devices as easy as a few clicks of the mouse,” J.R. Bookwalter writes for Macworld. “Despite the moral and ethical dilemmas of doing so, there was no denying how handy this little Mac utility could be.”

“A year and a half later, Softorino YouTube Converter looks positively quaint compared to the powerhouse sequel, which dramatically improves upon the original in every way,” Bookwalter writes. “It’s not perfect — and no longer free like the original was — but the convenience more than makes up for the cost.”

“The entire application boasts a 4x improvement over the original, which was already quite peppy to begin with. This is mostly noticeable when downloading larger 4K Ultra HD videos, and YouTube Converter 2 now supports VR 360 and high frame rate videos up to 60fps as well,” Bookwalter writes. “Despite the name, YouTube Converter 2 is not limited to downloading YouTube videos. At present the utility works with 53 different websites just by copying a URL, which is automatically picked up by the software and ready to download in one click. The list includes Funny or Die, Discovery (including sister sites like Animal Planet), Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and more… YouTube Converter 2 now converts downloads to ringtones as well as video or audio files. ”

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MacDailyNews Note: Softorino YouTube Converter 2 (SYC2) is offered with a free 24-hour trial (requires a vailed email address to get an activation number). The full, unlimited version retails for US$19.95. More info here.