“Just hours into using my new 27-inch iMac with 32GB of memory, the system felt sluggish,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.

“I checked memory usage via the top -u command in Terminal, which showed all 32GB was full,” Fleishman writes. “Exclamation point, I said aloud, and launched Activity Monitor to dig in more easily than at the command line.”

“Sure enough, all memory was in use, and the culprit was something I’d never seen before: com.apple.MediaLibraryService,” Fleishman writes. “For some (like me), this service goes out of control and consumes all available memory… Fortunately, you can at least halt the runaway train…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Activity Monitor is also nice for seeing how much memory your various Safari tabs are consuming. It’s especially nice for those of us with 20+ tabs open at all times.