“Apple recently released the first public beta of the latest Mac operating system, macOS High Sierra, giving customers the chance to preview the next-generation OS prior to its launch this fall,” AppleInsider reports. “Like any major OS update, High Sierra focuses on resolving pain points from previous versions while adding a few new features to keep things fresh.”

“This year, the biggest change is the new 64-bit Apple File System, which delivers increased performance, native encryption and increased crash protection,” AppleInsider reports. “Apple’s graphics API has been updated to Metal 2, offering 10x better draw call throughput than the original Metal, leading to increased graphics performance, smoother animations and enhanced machine learning capabilities.”

“The Photos app has been improved with new organization tools including a persistent side bar, with updated filters. Face detection has been improved, and when users add names to faces, the tags are now synced between all logged in iCloud devices,” AppleInsider reports. “Photos will also benefit from new Live Photo editing features due to arrive with iOS 11, like loop and bounce effects. These tools can be used to create animated GIFs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’ve got an external drive or a testbed Mac, install the public beta and give it a whirl. It’s snappy!

How to create an external Mac startup disk for macOS Sierra – July 7, 2017