“I have one small problem with the AirPods: They don’t stay in my ears super securely,” David Carnoy writes for CNET. “I can walk around with them fine, but if I run to catch a train in the subway–or just run with them in general — I feel them start to slip out and have to slow down. Once, I caught one bud as it fell out of my ear.”

“Some people I know can run with their AirPods — their ears are the right shape, the perfect AirPodian receptacles, God bless them,” Carnoy writes. “And the sweat-resistant AirPods are good to run with. Not only are they very light but their open design allows you to hear oncoming traffic.”

Now, “silicone cover options have grown to include ones like those from EarBuddyz that feature an integrated earhook or ‘sports fin.’ Other brands, such as Spigen and Earhoox make similar products that work with both EarPods and AirPods.”

“They all cost around $10 for two sets of hooks. I’ve been using a set of the EarBuddyz and now have no problem running with the AirPods,” Carnoy writes. “The only problem–and it’s a big one–is that you have to take the earhooks off to get the AirPods back in their beautiful little dental-floss sized charging capsule.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re lucky – Apple’s AirPods fit in our ears and don’t fall out while running – even while sprinting during intervals, box-jumping, and more. As Carnoy writes, a protective case for the AirPods case with a place to store the silicon covers/fins would be perfect for those who need a bit extra to keep AirPods securely in their ears.