Apple’s profound iPhone plans for healthcare

“A report today once again confirms Apple is interested in making your iPhone the center of your electronic health records (EHR) data,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple last year acquired Gliimpse, an electronic health records development company. When news of the purchase broke, I suggested this marked the company’s interest in developing its own EHR systems, and this has been confirmed by CNBC,” Evans writes. “Apple wants the iPhone to become the center for all your health data, including clinical, allergy, wellness data and more.”

“In an ideal world, your activity data would feed into your medical data, giving you and any medical professionals you interact with better insight into your physical condition. This also extends to your physical reactions to any treatments or medication you may receive,” Evans writes. “Apple seems committed to taking its platforms and creating its own standards for health data.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How much this would improve healthcare cannot be overstated. Apple will save lives here.


  1. You know there is something wrong with the government when a private company has a better plan for healthcare than those clowns in DC. If Clinton was in, she would have improved Obamacare by miles, but this here idiot in office is going to compleltey remove Obamacare and replace it with something that won’t work at all. I hope you all think voting for Trump was worth it, because things will only fall apart from there.

    1. What could possibly make you think Clinton would improve Obamacare. She took a stab at developing a health-care policy during Bill’s administration and it died aborning. No one who thinks free college tuition for all is doable has any idea how to improve the delivery of healthcare in this country. You know there is something wrong when an adult thinks the government can come up with a better solution to a complex problem than private players.

      1. After reading your comment I thought you can’t be real, then I’m reminded who the president is.

        First off, no-one thinks college tuition should be free, except conservatives who use it as a false narrative. College tuition covered thru federal and state taxes is the correct issue, and health coverage too. You know, the same thing that every other developed first world nation has. Not to mention a large swath of developing nations have as well. The USA has the singular distinction of being the only first world country that cannot figure this out, which makes it truly exceptional in it’s ineptitude.

        1. You gotta love all the people who say “policy X will never work” because they are ignorant of the existence of every other developed-world nation that HAS that policy, where it works well.

      2. Both New York City and California had free higher education for decades before diminishing political support ended those programs. And much of the industrialized west offers free higher education to many students. Why? For the same reason they offer free elementary and secondary education: it’s an investment in the workforce of the future.

    2. I really don’t think Hillary would do anything for healthcare. She wouldn’t be as bad as Trump. But she’s on the take from big business also. She against universal Healthcare. and thats what we really need

    3. You may be mixing up diagnostics which is what Apple’s goal is with treatment which is what the doctor does. Apple will not be in the treatment phase.

      But, aside from that, Single Payer is the only good replacement for Obamacare; It removes the 30% overhead that insurance suits and Wall St investors take right off of the top. In Single Payer, that 30% would go directly to healing the patient.

  2. “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.”
    –Donald J. Trump

    Well, maybe not nobody, just no politician. Taken as a whole, the entire healthcare system is enormously complex. Making decent, affordable healthcare available to all Americans is not something that’s going to be simple to achieve. Politicians who try to approach this from a conservative, liberal, progressive, libertarian, or any other political philosophy will find that none of them will be able to achieve this in a manner consistent with their particular “principles.” Human beings, health and illness, do not fit into the boxes created by political principles. If we are ever to achieve the goal of decent, affordable health care for all Americansl, I do not believe that the final design will be something which arises from any political process.

    1. Big insurance made it complicated on purpose so that you will be afraid to make any changes for fear of losing one or the other benefit, thus keeping you in the payment mode beholden to them. Single Payer is the only good alternative.

    2. It think the solution will come in the form of an app. By a person whose computer was bought by their parents, or subsidized by an educational institution, or both.

  3. Apple’s gonna integrate with every and all healthcare and disease treatment and management institution’s softwares throughout the US and the rest of the world? Lotsa luck.

    1. No; Apple could conceivably make its own EHR for its own people, can make its own provisional and supplemental diagonosis using machine learning.

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