“Apple’s HomePod speaker is a depth charge dropped into the ocean where Google Home and Amazon Echo sail,” Sascha Segan writes for PC Magazine. “At $349, it’s not going to dominate the voice assistant world.”

MacDailyNews Take: Not in market (unit) share, no. But, in profit share: Yes, yes, yes! Apple will dominate the premium smart speaker market just as they dominate the premium smartphone market, they premium personal computer market, the premium tablet market, and the premium smartwatch market.

“By announcing the HomePod six months in advance,” Segan writes, “Apple’s also trying to draw developer attention away from Alexa and Google Home, making sure that it’s in second, not third place in the eventual war of the voice assistants.”

MacDailyNews Take: Smart developers know where the money will be: Apple’s HomePod, just as it is with Apple’s other premium products.

“Platforms need developers, and we’ve seen over and over that the tech world is capable of supporting two — not three—platforms in most areas,” Segan writes. “Google is likely to suffer more than Amazon from this, because Amazon has a lot of third-party partners and an already vibrant developer community.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You know why they call it an Echo? Because it sounds like one: Thin and distant; diminished from the original source.

The speed with which HomePod will rake in profit share will shock most casual observers.

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