“I love the creative works but logic, math, and organization is as much a passion. That led me to view a graph recently published online which compares Apple’s overall numbers with Google (Alphabet), Microsoft, Facebook, and for some reason, Amazon instead of Samsung. Whatever,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks. “The point was to show that all these companies are kinda sorta mostly one-trick ponies. That is, they derive most of their revenue and profits from a single source.”

“All five companies combine for over $500-billion in revenue and $94-billion in profits,” O’Brien writes. “You have to dig to see that Apple accounts for about half of both, which means the other four– Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook– account for the other half.”

“It’s sad for Apple because the comparisons are not valid in almost any respect other than numbers are involved,” O’Brien writes. “It’s sad that Apple even gets compared with Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon, or Facebook.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Revenue vs. profits.