After a heady stock advance this year, Apple has ended today’s trading session with a market capitalization above $800 billion. $802.77 billion at the close, to be exact.

“The threshold represents a new milestone for the iPhone maker and sets a high-water mark for public companies,” Chris Dieterich writes for The Wall Street Journal. “Enormous numbers such as Apple’s market cap are often difficult to grasp. Below are a few comparisons, some of which are intentionally not meant to be taken apples-to-apples, to help put the $800 billion figure in context.”

• By itself, Apple’s market capitalization exceeds the combined market values of the 102 smallest companies on the S&P 500, according to FactSet.

• Apple’s market cap is more the 2015 gross domestic products of 183 out of the 199 countries tracked by the World Bank. It’s approximately the same size as the combined GDPs of Iran and Austria.

More things Apple is bigger than in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here’s one of our own:

Apple is now worth nearly $100 billion ($98.48B) more than “Wintel,” Microsoft ($533.02B) + Intel ($171.27B). That $98.48B gap is more than the market values of Tesla ($52.40B) and Sony ($43.43B) combined.