“Apple has extended its service coverage for Apple Watch (1st gen) models experiencing expanded/swollen battery problems to three years, covering customers for service for an additional two years beyond the complimentary 1-year Limited Warranty that it provides with the device,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac.

“The change comes as the 1st gen Apple Watch passes the two year mark after having been introduced April 24, 2015,” Kahn reports.

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“Although not a very widespread problem, there have been multiple reports of the small rechargeable battery fitted in the original Apple Watch swelling up inside the casing and pushing the display outwards,” Matthew Humphries reports for PC Magazine. “The Watch may ‘pop’ and will feel very warm when it happens, meaning a trip to Apple is in order where a replacement will likely be issued.”

Once the 36-months of coverage have passed, “your Apple Watch battery will either be repaired already or not prone to the problem. But it’s also quite likely you’ll have upgraded to a new Apple Watch or moved to some other brand by then,” Humphries reports. “Either way, Apple decided to cover your gadget for longer at no extra cost.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We just dug out our 1st Apple Watch (“Series 0”) units out of our drawers, charged them up, and – whew! – they’re all still working just fine!

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