“Has anybody else noticed how the rate of emergence of new Apple rumors appears to be accelerating?” Jonny Evans asks for Computerworld. “Surely I’m not alone in witnessing Apple’s alphabet of looming innovation becoming increasingly more visible?”

“I confess, it upsets me when I read some of the criticism thrown at Apple CEO, Tim Cook,” Evans writes. “Just like the iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch will be understood as agents of profound change within five years.”

“We know these include Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, artificial intelligence, connected systems and connected wearables. We know these include mobile payments services, extended entertainment services, collaborative productivity tools and more. We know Apple is innovating in processor design, materials science (Liquid Metal) and more. We even know it is innovating in its supply chain, aiming to become 100 percent powered by green energy and for its products to be 100 percent recycled,” Evans writes. “We know all this and yet the tired critical narrative continues to claim that Apple isn’t inventing, slamming Tim Cook as ‘Pipeline Tim.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Saturday:

For only about the second or third time since Steve Jobs departed this earthly plane, we’re getting the sense that something wicked this way comes!

It may be years out, but, when all is said and done, many Apple naysayers are going to be saying, “They’re baaack!

We have just one wish: That Apple would keep their eyes on all their current products and update them regularly. The company is large enough and rich enough to keep everything on the shelves fresh and… we lied, second wish: to never have 6+ week shipping delays on any new or existing products (see AirPods and the 8-Core Mac Pro for two current examples).

Apple CEO Tim Cook deserves criticism for:
1. letting products — and, indeed, entire product lines — languish terribly under his watch; and
2. for serially launching products late or with ridiculously low supplies

Neither situation should have happened or be allowed continue to happen.

Tim Cook should double-down on timely product updates and ensuring that supplies, from launch onward, befit the “Operations Genius” moniker that some bestow on him lest it become even more ironic.

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