“I was a particularly precocious (and insufferable, and annoying, and several other totally accurate adjectives) teenager,” Matthew Hughes writes for TNW. “Like most people of that age-group, I didn’t have all that much time for rules and established codes of conduct, and I always looked for shortcuts.”

“And when my white-plastic MacBook packed up – predictably, weeks after my AppleCare policy expired – I thought about how I could get my laptop fixed without asking the Bank of Mom and Dad for a loan,” Hughes writes. “I vaguely remember[ed] reading about someone who wrote to Steve Jobs with an issue, only for the turtlenecked-kingpin himself to write back with a promise of help.”

“Granted, I also knew Jobs had a reputation for a temper,” Hughes writes. “Anyway, I thought I’d take my chances.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple may be a bit shiftless right now in terms of product updates, but they’ve never let up when it comes to customer satisfaction.