“When Snap filed documents last week for its IPO filing, among the interesting snippets that emerged was the cost of security for its CEO Evan Spiegel: a somewhat extraordinary $890,000,” Kieren McCarthy reports for The Register. “How does that compare to other tech CEOs?”

“So who spends the most on security? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg,” McCarthy reports. “SEC filings show the social media giant spent a whopping $4.26m on our Mark last year. And that was less than the year before, when it spent $5.6m protecting him.”

“Just for comparison, the next most expensive security arrangement is Jeff Bezos at the very healthy $1.6m,” McCarthy reports. “As for the cheapest. To our reckoning Tim Cook comes in at a bit of a bargain at just $220,000, seeing as he is one of the most recognizable CEOs in the world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beyond the fact that Cook makes generally wonderful products and Zuckerberg is responsible for basically unleashing a plague of narcissists, so the threats against each CEO are likely not equal, and besides the perceived replaceability of Cook (who’s largely seen as a caretaker CEO) versus Zuckerberg (the founder of his company) their respective net worth figures might also have something to do with it:

• Zuckerberg: $56.1 billion (the world’s 5th richest person)
• Cook: $785 million

Zuckerberg is worth 71.5 times Cook, but his cost of security is only 20 times Cook’s.

Also of note: Cook’s security costs were reportedly $700,000 per year as recently as 2015, so $220,000 looks like even more of a bargain.

We bet that Apple’s cost of security for Jony is much higher than Cook’s, but Apple is not required to report Ive’s compensation or security costs in the company’s SCHEDULE 14A.

Apple’s cost for Tim Cook’s security: $700,000 per year – August 7, 2015

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainer” for the heads up.]