UK PM Theresa May and Tim Cook discuss Apple’s UK presence amid Brexit

“Continuing on his lengthy European tour today, Apple CEO Tim Cook has now stopped in London and had a chat with UK Prime Minister Theresa May,” Mitchel Broussard reports for MacRumors.

“According to a spokesperson for May speaking with Business Insider, the meeting focused on Apple’s continued investment in the United Kingdom amid the recent turmoil surrounding Brexit,” Broussard reports. “Overall, the meeting was said to have been ‘a very positive and useful discussion.'”

It was a meeting with the prime minister. It was a very positive and useful discussion. Apple have made a recent announcement about their investment in the UK and they had a conversation around that and the importance of government and business on digital skills which going forward will clearly be a huge part of the future industry. It was a chance for the prime minister to outline her plans for negotiating our EU exit. It was also a chance for her to reiterate and welcome Apple’s investment in the UK. — Spokesperson for UK Prime Minister Theresa May

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MacDailyNews Take: Cook is wisely keeping in touch with the new British PM as Brexit unfolds.


      1. Well, Mr. Stupid, that’s because the UK is not a constitutional republic, it is a constitutional monarchy…it does not elect a “president” from an electoral college.

        If I were king of the forest (not prince, not duke, not earl) I would make everyone of you stupid, jackass libtards take American Civics 101.

        1. May wasn’t elected at all. She is a mandate-less politician pursuing a mandate-less version of Brexit that only a few hardcore UKIPpers wanted to see. It’s all just lies, pretence, and foundationless hoping for the best.

          And if it’s not “the best” there’s no plan B. UK is fucked. The country won’t exist in a decade.

            1. Parliament didn’t select her, the Tory Party did. The same Tory Party that will eventually fracture over Brexit and end up in just as big a mess as the Labour Party currently are.

              You might be masturbating to the idea of a major European economy destroying itself for the sake of waving a flag. Personally I think they’re fuckwits who need a good kicking.

            2. Better an unelected cartel of bankers in Brussels than an unelected cabal of tax-avoiding newspaper proprietors. Rupert Murdoch is currently running the UK.

              That’s one fucker who can’t die quick enough IMO.

      2. A few years ago, Pete Sampras beat Joseph Schmoe in a professional tennis match 3 sets to 1.

        Set 1: Sampras won 6 games to 5
        Set 2: Schmoe won 6-0
        Set 3: Sampras won 6 games to 5
        Set 4: Sampras won 6 games to 5

        After the fact, Schmoe fans ran around claiming that Joe Schmoe won because he won 21 games to Sampras’ 18.

        For the Dem/Lib/Prog fools: Set 2 = California, where Sampras simply conserved energy and did not bother to compete because it was not necessary to win the match.

  1. Largest vote in modern British history. You win some, you lose some. You gotta roll with the punches to get to what’s real – and that’s simply that leaving the EU won. End of.

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