“Apple announced its smart-home control system, HomeKit, in 2014 at its annual developers conference. It started enabling it in iOS in mid 2015 and had a more complete rollout later that year,” Glenn Fleishman writes for TechHive. “With iOS 10 in September 2016, HomeKit finally got its own app and better integration.”

“But HomeKit remains an immature technology with few choices even for diehard Apple equipment owners,” Fleishman writes. “This was emphasized at CES, a trade show at which Apple never exhibits, but where products from third parties aimed at the ecosystem often get their debut. For HomeKit, it was mostly crickets. Amazon’s Alexa ruled the roost, with a large number of integrations with third parties, extending its voice-controlled system.”

“This is certainly part of a larger sense of malaise across all smart home systems. While the promise remains immense, multiple competing, incompatible ecosystems that include a lot of products from startup companies seem to have stalled a lot of innovation and even reductions in cost,” Fleishman writes. “In that context, however, HomeKit still remains behind. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Nothing is as secure as Apple HomeKit. No even close. And home automation is still in its infancy (gestation is more like it). Apple has plenty of time to really get things going here. Teaming with large homebuilders might be the smartest path right now and it’s a path Apple is already on with leading home builders, including Brookfield Residential, KB Home, Lennar Homes and R&F Properties, now integrating many HomeKit devices into new homes.

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