“AT&T continues to quickly hike the cost of unlimited data in order to drive its dwindling grandfathered unlimited data users to metered plans,” Karl Bode reports for DSLReports.

“Users in our forums say they’re being notified of a $5 bump in the cost of unlimited data starting in March of 2017,” Bode reports. “The hike would be the second such hike in as many years, after AT&T bumped the cost of unlimited data last February.”

Bode reports, “‘Our Mobile Share Advantage plans and our AT&T Unlimited Plan provide several benefits that our legacy unlimited plan doesn’t,'” AT&T said in a statement to DSLReports.com confirming the move. ‘If you have a legacy unlimited data plan, you can keep it; however, beginning in March 2017, it will increase by $5 per month,’ AT&T said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let’s face it: AT&T and Verizon hate you grandfathered-in unlimited data users many of whom were original iPhone customers like us*.

*We had the original AT&T unlimited iPhone plans, but long ago switched carriers.

Look around at all of the carriers to find the best deal for you. In the US, if you haven’t shopped around in awhile or ever, you’re likely overpaying.

Verizon plans purge of 200GB+ bandwidth hogging unlimited data users – January 10, 2017