“Employees were recently advised of the policy change, which targets customers managing to average more than 200 gigabytes of usage on a single line ‘over several months,'” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider. “Affected customers are being sent notices of their excessive usage, with a deadline of Feb. 16 to change their plan.”

“If a line is disconnected under the new policy, customers will have a 50-day window to resubscribe, though only to plans without unlimited data,” Owen reports. “The highest-capacity plan Verizon lists on its website offers $100 gigabytes of data per month for $450, with line access fees of between $5 and $20 per connected device.”

Owen reports, “Users with grandfathered unlimited data plans sometimes abuse the service by using it as their sole Internet connection, tethering computers and streaming set-top boxes in their home instead of using broadband.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you’re using an average of 200GB of data on your cellphone, you’re obviously taking great advantage of “unlimited” data. You also had to know it was too good to last. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.