“One reason to be excited about Apple Inc.’s 2018 iMac lineup [is that] Apple will be able to pack these next-generation systems with enough processor power to further marginalize the Mac Pro,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “On deck are next-generation central processing units, faster graphics processors, and the addition of USB-C ports, [Bloomberg‘s Mark] Gurman says.”

“Although not much is known about the iMac computers that will follow the ones that Apple has planned for next year, there is one upgrade that could prove to be quite compelling in the 2018 iMac models — at least to power users,” Eassa writes. “Since 2009, Apple’s premium iMac computers have featured processors with up to four processing cores supplied by microprocessor giant Intel… owever, in 2018, the desktop processor lineup that will be suitable for Apple’s iMac systems, which goes by the name Coffee Lake, will feature up to six processor cores — a 50% jump in core count from current offerings.”

“What I think this might do is shift some prosumers or professional users away from entry-level configurations of Apple’s Mac Pro, which can be configured with processors with six or more processor cores, and toward higher-end iMac models,” Eassa writes. “I suspect that for a non-trivial subset of potential Mac Pro buyers — admittedly a small group to begin with — the case for the Mac Pro will become tougher to make when 2018 rolls around, especially if Apple doesn’t bother to update the Mac Pro soon.”

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