“In 2013, Apple unveiled a technology that had the potential to revolutionize brick-and-mortar retail: iBeacon,” Evan Niu writes for The Motley Fool. “The protocol was built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and promised to enable micro-location tracking in a way that offered far more accuracy than traditional GPS or the assisted GPS in modern smartphones. We’re talking about being able to tell what specific aisle a customer is perusing, and being able to market to that customer accordingly.”

“At the time, Apple was rumored to be working on mobile payments — what we now know as Apple Pay — and the idea of micro-locations combined with mobile payments was like a futuristic dream for retailers. Imagine offering a targeted coupon or discount to a customer based on micro-location and then prompting them to pay on the spot with a smartphone,” Niu writes. “Third-party companies like Estimote even sprouted up to make and sell beacons using iBeacon.”

“Following a pilot program, Macy’s said in 2014 that it would roll out beacon technology nationwide. Major League Baseball uses beacons to make ballparks more interactive in numerous ways. Even a few local grocery stores tried deploying them for the same retail reasons. So what happened?” Niu writes. “Apple never really cared all that much. For starters, Apple hasn’t really done much over the years to promote the protocol in a meaningful way. In fact, it never really did. iBeacon was little more than a footnote during WWDC 2013, and wasn’t even mentioned during WWDC 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s not exactly on life support. It’s more like treading water. You can either get picked up in time by a passing boat or – glub, glub, glub – hope you enjoyed your swim!

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