“Thanks to apps like Facebook Messenger and Skype, it’s possible to call nearly anyone regardless of whether or not you have a carrier plan or even know the recipient’s phone number,” Lisa Eadicicco reports for TIME Magazine.

“But an increasing number of phones and carriers are beginning to support Wi-Fi calling too. As its name implies, Wi-Fi calling is a feature that makes it possible to place a call so long as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi,” Eadicicco reports. “This means if you’re stuck in an area with poor cell reception, you’ll still be able to make a phone call by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.”

“There’s no need to launch an app or send a request to the recipient like you might have to when using Messenger or Skype, since Wi-Fi calling is integrated directly into your phone,” Eadicicco reports. “You can place a call as you normally would through your phone’s dialer or contact list.”

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