Apple debuts new TV ad for iPhone 7/Plus: ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Apple has debuted “Romeo and Juliet,” a new :30 TV commercial for iPhone 7 Plus that focuses on the device’s rather special camera.

iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have just one entirely new camera system — it has two. The same 12MP wide-angle camera that’s on iPhone 7 works with a 12MP telephoto camera that can get even closer. That means you can get higher-quality zoom from farther away. Thanks to the dual-camera system and breakthrough ISP technology on iPhone 7 Plus, you can now get supersharp close-up photos and videos with optical zoom at 2x. And you can get even closer with improved digital zoom that lets you shoot at up to 10x for photos and 6x for video.

As Apple’s spot says, “Your movies look like movies on iPhone 7.”

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Nice ad. Perfectly functional. A bit deceiving to the average viewer, though, in that the text says “iPhone 7” while the actor playing the father is clearly using an iPhone 7 Plus. (The iPhone 7 Plus starts at $120 more than the iPhone 7.)

Yes, we all understand that Apple, weirdly*, refers to both iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus as the “iPhone 7.” The average viewer does not.

* Apple’s press release states: “iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the best, most advanced iPhone ever.”


  1. Pipeline Tim is selling a camera- something that has been around for over a hundred years. Like Steve Ballmer, iteration seems to be more his style than innovation.

    Meanwhile up the coast Amazon is launching a pilot store with no checkout- first for employees and then for the public. Amazon, once ridiculed in these pages as a competitor for Apple is showing a lot of progress for the massive amount of money that have put into research and development instead of stock buybacks and dividends like Tim Cook’s Apple.

    This is what is happening in Seattle while The Chick from Burberry is concentrating on fashion.

    1. The ad actually combines “fashion” with the old apple ethos things just work…

      But point taken about management trying to maximize shareholder value.

      As a LONG AAPL shareholder, I’m kind of questioning the ignoring the pro and pro-summer Macintosh line along with reports of disbanding employees assigned to router development (i.e. the “airport” which just worked without drama), that being said I agree with Apple management with respect to exiting the monitor business

      1. Eventually the same technology will be in Apple Stores and Apple doesn’t have to start at Store #1 like Amazon is. Walmart, Target and everywhere else will have the same just-walk-out technology eventually and then the Amazon physical store won’t be anything special.

        Besides all that, I don’t think Apple ever wants to get into the business of selling diapers, shampoo and cupcakes.

      1. Amazon is building a business. Pipeline Tim is coasting and iterating. A company with the financial and human resources that Apple has should be doing much more and doing it much more effectively.

        Apple in the Cook Era has a hard time getting anything done and when it is done it is usually in a follower role. Apple needs a strong visionary and Tm Cook isa really capable manager- probably one of the best Supply Chain people ever. Supply chain is operations- not creative.

    1. There is no reason, EVER, EVER, EVER, to record anything at 23.98. 23.98 is a left over anachronism from 59.94/ 29.97. 29 97 was invented to allow broadcasters in the early days of color to transmit a color signal at the same frequency as a black and white signal. We no longer have analog television and it’s 524 lines of resolution (528 if you include the hidden interlaced lines)

      Pure 24 frame, however, is the way to go.

      1. There are many people who argue that 24fps is an anachronism left over from the years of celluloid film, and that we should be using 60p fps. James Cameron is one of them. Some (rather obnoxious) people like to call 24fps a “glorified slide-show”.

        While I love the association of the slower 24fps with the cinematic visual story telling, there is something to be said about the ultra-realism of the high frame rate.

  2. Anyway, waiting for the comments on how come Apple promotes gender… how come no same sex… come on Apple so disappointed! Meanwhile, Microsoft has some pretty cool new computers out. Where are my ass kicking Macs? This updated MacBook Pro isn’t going to cut it. I want extreme MFing power second to none.

    1. The play is Romeo and Juliet – male and female roles. But you are just joking of course, hoping to stir up some controversy. Anonymous fscking troll.

      Microsoft has a tablet-derivative design – an iMac with a slightly different base (with way too many springs) and a touch-sensitive display. Big whoop. I have not even seen one in the wild anywhere. But, since you like them so much, go buy one and start patronizing WindowsDailyNews.

      1. “The play is Romeo and Juliet – male and female roles…blah blah blah…” really? I had no idea. Now about calling me a fsckung troll, nope, been an Apple user since it the Apple II and a Mac user since day one. I know Apple BS when I see it and the past 3 years have been pure BS. Just because I mention Microsoft’s Surface products don’t go getting all bent, ok? It’s the direction Apple should’ve taken years ago. That Surface Studio is a step in the right direction and that is what the iMac should be doing. The Surface Pro should’ve been the merger of the MacBook and iPad Pro. Again, don’t go getting all bent over my comments but that is the direction Apple should’ve taken. Apple has fallen on it’s face. Who want’s an iOS device every year? Not me, been there done that. I would, however, like a kick ass Mac every 3-4 YEARS.

  3. Graceful and touching commercial whose story is communicated superbly with an economy of means. However, it seems to promote the iPhone in general, not the cameras.

  4. Do none of you Apple drones think it’s pretty creepy that they used young children to play characters from a play based on teenage romance that ends in a double suicide?????

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