“Apple this week started selling refurbished iPhones in the United States through Apple.com,” Tom Mainelli reports for Recode. “Of course, wireless customers have long had the opportunity to buy used iPhones (and other brands) from their carriers and other retailers and online sellers. However, the fact Apple is now offering the devices direct (along with long-available refurbished products such as Macs, iPads, and iPods) is notable. It reflects both the maturing nature of the market and Apple’s desire to put the iPhone into the hands of more budget-constrained smartphone buyers while still making enviable margins.”

“Today, buying a smartphone is a lot like buying a car. If you’ve got the cash, you can pay for the whole thing upfront or you can pay through an installment plan (essentially a loan) or you can sign up for something very akin to a car lease in which you pay a monthly fee and get a new phone roughly every year,” Mainelli reports. “All of the plans effectively shift the cost of buying a new phone around but none really help lower the cost. That’s why the refurbished market is important. While there are fewer options when purchasing a refurbished phone (you typically pay all up front), the savings can be substantial.”

“Most companies that sell refurbished phones closely inspect those phones before reselling, offering what amounts to a certified pre-owned checklist at a used car dealer. One of the advantages of buying refurbished from Apple, however, is they not only certifies the phones but they also install a brand new battery and outer shell,” Mainelli reports. “The new battery piece is huge, as that’s clearly one of the areas of most concern when buying a used device. And by including the new battery (which costs Apple very little), the company ensures the buyer has a good experience for the life of the product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Buying a refurbished iPhone from Apple is like buying a Certified Pre-Owned BMW. It’s pretty much just like new.

India, especially, should correct their mistake and allow Apple to sell Apple Certified iPhones, too. Consumers everywhere should have access to the world’s best smartphone at accessible prices.

India rejects Apple’s plan to import and sell refurbished iPhones – May 3, 2016