“I was naive and thought that a lot of the issues surrounding Web browser/server security would be resolved with some significant changes agreed to by operating system makers, non-OS browser developers, and the parties that provide verification, called certificate authorities (CAs), which took place January 1, 2016,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld.

“Oh, how young and foolish was I. But real improvements have taken place, and nearing the end of 2016, you may already have seen how browsers provide you a more descriptive — and some prescriptive — alert about problems with the certificates passed by a server to a browser to create a secure connection,” Fleishman writes. “In some cases, you may already have been blocked from a connection, or required to approve an exception to proceed.”

“Ultimately, the entire Web will be encrypted, and not for paranoia’s sake,” Fleishman writes. “Reducing points in insertion and eavesdropping allows you to live your online life more safely…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s improvements in use of certificates is certainly a good thing for users and their privacy!

At Apple, security is paramount.

Apple untrusts Chinese certificate authority – October 4, 2016