“The new 13-inch, non-Touch Bar Pro is not a ‘pro’ computer at all,” Nate Swanner writes for SlashGear. “Often, reviews append their long-winded ranting with that notation at the end, but it misses the mark.”

“We’ve (the royal ‘we’ here) also lost track of the biggest complaint about the Air: the screen. For so long the only thing the tech press wanted was an Air with a Retina screen. It would be the perfect computer, they’d say,” Swanner writes. “Then they got one — except Apple dubbed it a ‘Pro’ computer.”

“Instead of simply rebooting the Air lineup, Apple gave us a confusing Pro stable to pick through,” Swanner writes. “Apple calling the 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro (and screw them for making me type that, it’s a stupid-long name) a ‘Pro’ at all is problematic. Instead of simply rebooting the Air with a Retina screen — you know, that thing we wanted — Apple rebooted the Air with a Retina screen and called it a Pro. Except it’s not a Pro. It’s an Air… with a Retina screen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple has always run hot and cold at product naming. Calling the 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro a “MacBook Pro” is clearly an example of Apple misnaming yet another product*.

Regardless of Apple’s latest misnomer fest, the only real MacBook Pros are those with Touch Bars.

*See every iPhone “S” model ever named, which is basically Apple stupidly tagging their flagship product as “no big deal” every other year.

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