“Declines in the percentage that the Mac contributed to total revenue reinforced the complaints of some that Apple had ignored the personal computer in favor of the iPhone, by far the firm’s biggest money maker,” Gregg Keizer reports for Computerworld.

“To some, the Mac’s shrinking share of Apple’s revenue hints at a more general lack of interest in the company’s top offices,” Keizer reports. “The Mac’s 12-month share of all revenue was 10.8% in the September quarter, down from 10.9% the year prior and off from 13.2% two years ago. Compared to the September quarter of 2014, this year’s third quarter Mac share was down nearly a fifth.”

MacDailyNews Take: No new Macs will do that.

Jan Dawson, principal analyst at Jackdaw Research, says that “because of the Mac’s importance, Apple must please those creative professionals, enough, anyway, to keep them in the fold. ‘[The new MacBook Pros] didn’t satisfy every need,’ Dawson agreed. ‘That left a vacuum which neither the MacBook Pro or the desktop Macs filled. Apple needs to put something into that vacuum,'” Keizer reports. “Dawson believes that Apple has a plan. “They will update the desktop Macs, maybe starting with the Mac Pro, in the next few months,” he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, they will.