“There are so many different ways to get things done using a Mac and I hope this selection of useful tips will offer most Mac users at least one or two features you may not have encountered before,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

• Command-Space: The keyboard shortcut that gets you to Spotlight search for those times you don’t want to speak to Siri.

• Quick conversion: To get a quick conversion just launch Spotlight and type the figure you want to convert, $100 or 76Kg, for example.

• Split Screen view: When resizing the windows when using Split Screen view, just hold down the Option key and you will be able to see both windows clearly while you do.

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MacDailyNews Note: If you find yourself invoking Spotlight via Command-Space (used to happen to us frequently), turn it off: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Spotlight and uncheck “Show Spotlight search.”