15 tips every Mac user should know

“There are so many different ways to get things done using a Mac and I hope this selection of useful tips will offer most Mac users at least one or two features you may not have encountered before,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

• Command-Space: The keyboard shortcut that gets you to Spotlight search for those times you don’t want to speak to Siri.

• Quick conversion: To get a quick conversion just launch Spotlight and type the figure you want to convert, $100 or 76Kg, for example.

• Split Screen view: When resizing the windows when using Split Screen view, just hold down the Option key and you will be able to see both windows clearly while you do.

12 more tips every Mac user should know here.

MacDailyNews Note: If you find yourself invoking Spotlight via Command-Space (used to happen to us frequently), turn it off: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Spotlight and uncheck “Show Spotlight search.”


  1. I actually invoke Spotlight via cmd-space all the time… on purpose. It is a fantastic function to find documents, launch apps, do quick arithmetic, etc. I show everyone how to use it and they don’t go back. I’ve used it since it first came out and it’s always done its job well. There’s nothing else like it (from other operating systems)

  2. Spotlight is a great application launcher. Haven’t opened the App or Utilities folders since it was introduced.

    Built in VNC and VPN are also little known goodies..and I use keyboard shortcuts for selected screenshots daily…I could go on and on..

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