“Apple is reportedly closing in on a Australian startup that has pioneered dynamic, customizable ‘magic keyboards,'” Elle Hunt reports for The Guardian. “The Sydney tech company Sonder has designed a smart keyboard that can be customised to accommodate any language, shortcut or custom icon, using the same E Ink display technology used by Kindle.”

“Apple’s looming acquisition of the company was first reported on Wednesday by a Reddit user purporting to have used an Apple prototype using Sonder technology at an event at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where she worked,” Hunt reports. “The Incubator Innoconn event was organised by Foxconn International Holdings, Apple’s manufacturing partner, for startups it has invested in. The woman’s identity was verified by Reddit moderators.”

“A representative for Sonder confirmed its chief executive, Francisco Serra-Martins, attended the event and that the startup was in talks with Apple’s procurement board,” Hunt reports. “The Reddit user said the prototype magic keyboard used an adaptive interface developed by Sonder…”

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