Apple’s Angela Ahrendts brings retail 2.0 to London

“Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President of Retail and Wendy Beckman, Head of Retail Europe hosted the media opening of the company’s flagship London retail store on Regent Street this morning,” Jonny Evans reports for Apple Must. “With over 60 million customers since it first opened 12-year’s ago, the opening should interest every Apple customer. ‘We’re proud to have been a part of its growth into one of the premier retail streets in London and the world,’ the executives said.”

“The store brings in what we’ve seen Apple weave across its stores,” Evans reports, “including the Avenue, Boardroom, Forum and other concepts introduced San Francisco, Union Square, earlier this year.”

“Apple says it wants to make its stores part of their local community,” Evans reports. “It hopes to express this at Regent Street by providing numerous creative events, including live music, art, and curated photo walks around the local areas during which it will teach people outdoor photography techniques… Apple has a range of in-store events planned at Regent Street, you’ll find out more on this here.”

More info and photos of the revamped Apple location in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Meanwhile, Microsoft mopped the plastic floors in every one of their mall stores. It’s an easy job thanks to the utter lack of foot traffic.


  1. Why do retail at all when you only have one product (iPhone)? The local Apple Store in the mall is busy alright, but those folks are all waiting for their Genius Bar appointments.

    No one is looking at Macs, Macbooks, Watches, iPads any more. Apple’s delay in updating the Mac/Macbook line really shows here, at least at the store in my area.

    Google seems to be able to do everything and they’re not as resourced as Apple. Mismanagement and complete lack of vision, if continued, will one day come back to bite them.

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