“Regardless of where you stand politically, I learned a long time ago that it’s easy to make a mountain out of a molehill, and just as easy to draw conclusions based upon both a false premise and wrong comparisons,” Kate MacKenzie writes foro PixoBebo. “Here’s one you’ll find intriguing, perhaps preposterous, but with an interesting perspective on two greats of the 21st century; Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and businessman turned Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump.”

“Steve Jobs was the Donald Trump of modern technology,” MacKenzie writes. “First of all, Steve Jobs was an astute businessman who knew how to build a corporate empire and did so many times. Just like Donald Trump. Jobs had some hiccups along the way, including his ouster from Apple in 1985, his exile, NeXT’s hardware failures, etc. A number of Trump’s properties and projects failed, and he himself narrowly missed going bankrupt.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

“Steve Jobs was a ladies man, a charmer once in love with singer Joan Baez, yet sufficiently callous to deny his own fatherhood for years. Trump? Also a ladies man, and thanks to being filthy rich, a charmer in love with womanhood, yet sufficiently callous to deny facts wherever it feels appropriate,” MacKenzie writes. “Steve Jobs was the Donald Trump of technology; revered, feared, admired, successful, egotistical, brutish and callous, stubborn and insulting… Jobs and Trump have similarities that should be obvious to those who follow both.”

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One thing we do know is that Woz is the Steve Wozniak of Technology.

Die Welt: U.S President George Bush is ‘the Steve Jobs of World Politics’ – February 25, 2005

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