Alfa Romeo’s new car ad shot with Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus

“Alfa Romeo used Apple iPhone 7 Plus to film its latest promo video for its new Alfa MiTo three-door car,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must.

“The ad shows the car being used to create something like art,” Evans writes, “it was captured using the new dual camera on Apple’s new water resistant iPhone 7 Plus.”

Alfa Romeo’s Alfa MiTo ad shot with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus:

Behind the scenes of Alfa Romeo’s Alfa MiTo ad shot with Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus:

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MacDailyNews Take: From personal experience, we can tell you that there’s nothing like shooting 4K OIS video with Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus! The results blow away those of the previous best smartphone, iPhone 6s Plus.

Note: The videos from Alfa above top out at 1080p on YouTube. Here’s a sample of 4K video shot with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:


  1. Real Headline: Alfa Romeo duped again. Pays kid with iPhone to film their ad instead of a professional.

    Not surprising from the company that thought red convertible Italian roadsters should have recirculating ball power steering instead of rack and pinion. Recirculating ball power steering, you know 1970’s station wagon steering systems.

    1. I agree with your assessment that any iPhone camera is amateurish for filming compared to dedicated cameras.

      But don’t get confused about steering systems. Recirculating ball units are heavy but they are also very smooth and very strong. They are still used a lot in heavy duty applications. Rack & pinion systems can be good, but also have problems of friction and wear. Also, now that automakers are trying to replace hydraulics with electrics (with mixed results), we may see changes going forward.

      Bottom line: Alfa Romeo has always built an interesting car with strengths and weaknesses. But the steering gear has not been the biggest weakness!

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