“US President George W. Bush is safely back in America, but commentators continue to ponder the last leg of his European visit — his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports. “Specifically, they ask, who holds the real power? Is Bush kowtowing to Moscow or does Moscow have to kneel at the feet of the world’s only remaining superpower?”

“The conservative Die Welt comes up with the day’s oddest and most weirdly thought-out editorial in which the author manages to both compare Bush to Franklin D. Roosevelt and to crown him ‘the Steve Jobs of world politics.’ Essentially, the paper says, Bush wants to be a great reformer, both in terms of domestic and foreign politics. Domestically, he wants to revamp America to the same degree FDR did with his New Deal, only for Bush, the program might be called the ‘Ownership Society,’ the paper says. ‘The target is: We want to break with all losers, domestically that means the Roosevelt social state, internationally with all states that have anything to do with terror. The new plan involves marketing, surprises, big design overhauls.’ As such, says the paper, Bush is like the endlessly creative (and fabulously wealthy) founder of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs,” SPIEGEL ONLINE reports.

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