“With every release of OS X Apple adds a few more features, but seldom the ones I want,” Tera Thomas O’Brien writes for Tera Talks.

“My perfect example is Mail,” O’Brien writes. “Is there a more used Mac app than Mail? Safari, maybe. iTunes for some who listen to music all the time, but few apps are used more often and more hated than Mail. What I want is Apple’s traditional ease-of-use but with functions that help me with email, not make it more cumbersome.”

“Templates and email stationery is nice, but that doesn’t help productivity, and managing email is one of those time suck activities that makes Mail painful to use at times when all I want is to minimize the effort and maximize the result– email gets done in less time,” O’Brien writes. “I’m not asking for the world here, Apple. These features and others are available in competing email apps, but nobody seems to get them all together in one app.”

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