“Even when your goal is to get away from it all, sometimes necessity requires that you stay in touch with the outside world,” Séamus Bellamy writes for Macworld. “This can take a lot of forms: chatting with your loved ones on FaceTime, shuttling project files between your iPad Pro or MacBook and an employer’s private server on the other side of the globe, or simply taking in the latest episode of Game of Thrones so that you can blather about it later over iMessage with your friends.”

“But once you connect to a wireless access point at an airport lounge or café near the hotel where you’re staying, or slip a SIM card into your MiFi device in a country where the citizenry is routinely surveilled (some would argue that happens here too, but meh,) your confidential information could quickly become less confidential,” Bellamy writes. “And if you’re roving outside of your home country, you may be disappointed to find that, despite paying for access, many streaming service providers will refuse to provide you with access to the latest video and music due to licensing issues. I think we can agree that this sucks.”

Bellamy writes, “To get around these issues, you my friend, will want to rock a virtual private network (VPN).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Safety first! Also, remember that you can also use an old Mac to create your very own inexpensive personal VPN.

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