“In the old days, Apple users were allowed to unlock their phone by ‘swiping right.’ Now, in the new iOS 10 software, they require you to press and hold the home button (circle at the bottom of the phone) to access your phone,” Adam Sarhan writes for Forbes. “Let’s take a minute and think about why Apple would do that?”

“So, if people won’t buy your new product, why not make them buy a new phone by ‘breaking’ their old phone? Genius, right? The home button is a normal button,” Sarhan writes. “It is not magical and it will wear out through constant pressing/normal wear and tear.”

“Think about how many more times you will be “forced” to press that button each day just to access anything on your phone. How many more times each week, month, quarter, & year?” Sarhan writes. “Let’s say you want to send an email, make a call, send a text message, or do anything else for that matter, you will have to ‘press’ the home button just to get in. Then, once you are in, you will be pressing it a few more times while using your phone, and that adds up – FAST.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adam doesn’t seem to understand that Apple’s Home button on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is an all-new, advanced, solid-state, immovable “button” that was specifically designed to be durable as well as water resistant.

There is no “planned obsolescence” with the Home button and iOS 10. It is, in fact, exactly the opposite. Apple is making their products even more durable.

Furthermore, if you’d like to bypass the Notifications screen in iOS 10 and go back to the old way, Apple provides customers with that option:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > toggle on “Rest Finger to Open.”