Why iOS 10 is good for Apple’s stock price or something

“In the old days, Apple users were allowed to unlock their phone by ‘swiping right.’ Now, in the new iOS 10 software, they require you to press and hold the home button (circle at the bottom of the phone) to access your phone,” Adam Sarhan writes for Forbes. “Let’s take a minute and think about why Apple would do that?”

“So, if people won’t buy your new product, why not make them buy a new phone by ‘breaking’ their old phone? Genius, right? The home button is a normal button,” Sarhan writes. “It is not magical and it will wear out through constant pressing/normal wear and tear.”

“Think about how many more times you will be “forced” to press that button each day just to access anything on your phone. How many more times each week, month, quarter, & year?” Sarhan writes. “Let’s say you want to send an email, make a call, send a text message, or do anything else for that matter, you will have to ‘press’ the home button just to get in. Then, once you are in, you will be pressing it a few more times while using your phone, and that adds up – FAST.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Adam doesn’t seem to understand that Apple’s Home button on the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is an all-new, advanced, solid-state, immovable “button” that was specifically designed to be durable as well as water resistant.

There is no “planned obsolescence” with the Home button and iOS 10. It is, in fact, exactly the opposite. Apple is making their products even more durable.

Furthermore, if you’d like to bypass the Notifications screen in iOS 10 and go back to the old way, Apple provides customers with that option:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > toggle on “Rest Finger to Open.”


  1. That’s because everyone already knows that Tim Cook is in charge. This stock will never go anywhere!

    Removing a feature everyone relies on that supports billions in gear all over the world, just to sell you $160 BT earphones that cost them 60 cents a piece to manufacture.

    Nagging us every second to upgrade to a new buggy version of iOS just so Cook can pad his adoption stats. I knew one day people would get tired of all the games Cook plays in order to gouge Apple consumers. I was right… that day is upon us.

      1. I love how people who have zero idea about technology start spouting nonsense. The new Apple Airpod is not a simple headphone but rather a new computer. Go read about it before you start with your vitriol

        And for all the naysayers about the home button (like this clown of a writer): Apple did this so in the next generation iPhone the home button could be positioned under the screen and the entire face of the phone will be one sheet of glass with no upper and lower black edges.

        And for those who hate Apple so much go buy your exploding Samsung knock off phones

  2. Just want to say what a worthless piece of sh*t company Apple Inc. has become since working there years ago! This after wiping out a weekend of family vacation photos due to the Sodomy update 10.0.2 (you know, the fa**ot squirt gun and transgender cake tops) all because of a forced update on Friday that could not be stopped. I suffered through the weekend with double tapping the home button, losing swipe features and an overall frustrating mess! Got back a few hours ago and studied up on how to downgrade back to 9.3.5 and did my backup and all, but JUST like this sh*tty company is known for, it didn’t back up my photos and I didn’t take the extra step to do it, so when the phone was erased, so went all the photos!!! Tim Cook is nothing but a worthless piece of sh*t and has essentially destroyed this company! Sorry for the language, but it had to be said!!!! Glad to be out of this company and in to trading NFLX, AMZN, KMB and ANY other stock than this dog!!!!! PS: Steve Jobs, thanks for the millions of dollars over the years. The ONE fault I have against you is this stupid q*eer social justice warrior who just HAD to come out of the closet and fu*k this company up royally! Now back to the daily grind…………….

  3. Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button > toggle on “Rest Finger to Open.”

    This is the setting everybody I know ask me for. I have not anybody met that likes the new default setting that forces one to press down the Home Button. It’s almost like the “Natural” scroll direction for mice on Macs. Everybody I know turns it off. – Sometimes Apple’s has some bad ideas but stays stubborn sticking with them.

    1. I had a 6S Plus and now have a 7 Plus and I can attest that with Force Touch, the new press home button works well and is a great idea. If you don’t have a Force Touch phone, you’re trying to use a NEW iOS with an old phone – mixing old hardware with new features – features which don’t exist on your old phone. As noted by MDN, it’s pretty freaking simple to move back the software for those of you who can’t adapt or can’t get a new device.

  4. Gotta say… first annoying thing I encountered was removal of the swipe to unlock. Knowing my home button would eventually wear out, I got into the habit of using the sleep/wake button and then swiping, keeping the home button for… well going home! I know I’ll need to replace my pre-touch-ID phone, but requiring use of the home button is a bit obnoxious.

  5. Thanks for the tip MDN!
    Now Apple isn’t going to “make (me) buy a new phone by ‘breaking’” my iPhone 6 plus. 😉

    No, really, thanks MDN. I still like the old way. At least with my old phone.

  6. Does Forbes really write junk like this in their magazine? Makes you wonder about the money advice they also give.

    BYW – Sarhan is wong on his key point. You don’t need to “press and HOLD” to unlock your phone.

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