What if Apple iPhone adopts AMOLED next year?

“There has been a lot of market speculation that Apple will move to AMOLED displays next year, sending ripples across its entire supply chain in Asia<" Shuli Ren reports for Barron's.

"For instance, for the current display driver supply chain, Taiwan’s Vanguard is an IC foundry service provider to Novatek, which designs IC display drivers for panel maker LG Display, which in turn supplies smartphone screens to Apple," Ren reports. "If Apple moves its business to AMOLED market leader Samsung Electronics, it will have no need for Vanguard, Novatek and LG Display any more, because Samsung has a vertically integrated manufacturing process, from design to foundry to assembly."

"Bernstein Research‘s Mark Li came to Novatek and Vanguard’s defense today, although he continues to have a Neutral rating on both stocks," Ren reports. "His point is that Apple is likely to adopt AMOLED in only one of its models next year and Chinese smartphone OEMs are not likely to follow suit fast, so the Taiwanese companies have some breathing room."

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MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of suppliers and next year’s iPhone models, we’re more than happy to have a full year to spend with our Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7 Plus units.

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  1. Do they even consider 3D touch implications? Apple incorporates the pressure sensor into the LED screens currently used. They will need engineer an solution for OLED. It’s not simply a screen swap.

    1. I agree, Kevin. Apple just hit great colorspace benchmarks. While OLED looks good, not sure if it have the color consistent lifespan that LCDs have. OLED in the Apple Watch makes sense as its mostly graphical.

  2. Apple will have to do a lot more then the 7 to get me to spend another $1000 on a phone. My 6s+ does everything I need it to do and it does it well. I also want to keep my jack for a while longer.

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