“Apple‘s fall iPhone launch cycles generally sees a flurry of activity in the U.S. wireless industry, as carriers rely on promotions of the handset to win over high-spending wireless customers,” Trefis Team writes for Forbes.

“This year’s promos on the iPhone 7 appear to be the most aggressive we have seen over the device’s 9 year history, with nationwide carriers offering the iPhone for free with trade-in offers,” Trefis writes. “Although we believe the offers are a net negative for the industry, with costs largely rising for major players, Sprint could see the lowest financial impact while T-Mobile could see the strongest customer gains. ”

“Limited-time promotions from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile (most of which have ended) essentially allow customers with a good credit history to trade in an old iPhone (6/6S/Plus) and get a $650 credit towards a new iPhone 7 after then sign up for a device payment plan,” Trefis writes. “With the new iPhone offers, customers are effectively enjoying lower service billings, without having to pay the device component of billings. This should put pressure on average billings per account and equipment revenues of carriers, while compressing wireless EBITDA margins. That said, there could be some benefits as well, particularly in terms of lower churn figures, as customers are locked into 24-month device payment agreements. Overall, we expect T-Mobile to win over the most postpaid customers with its offers, posting positive porting ratios versus Verizon and AT&T. The carrier noted that pre-orders for iPhone 7 were 4x that of the iPhone 6… However, Sprint – the smallest of the four carriers – stands to gain the most from these promos”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you can upgrade to iPhone 7/Plus, even from a 6s/Plus, we highly recommend it – the significant performance improvements and upgraded cameras are more than reason enough!