“Laurene Powell Jobs is diving deeper into Hollywood,” Brooks Barnes reports for The New York Times. “Ms. Jobs, already a major investor in the Walt Disney Company and Apple, said on Friday that her firm, Emerson Collective, had taken a substantial minority stake in Anonymous Content, a prominent production and talent management company. Founded in 1999 by Steve Golin, Anonymous has been behind hit television shows like ‘Mr. Robot’ and movies like ‘Spotlight,’ the reigning Academy Award winner for best picture.”

“Financial terms were not disclosed,” Barnes reports. “The investment by Ms. Jobs, the widow of Steven P. Jobs, the Apple co-founder who died five years ago, will give Anonymous the money needed to make programming intended to compel social change — one of Emerson’s primary goals.”

“Ms. Jobs has dabbled in using entertainment to promote causes; in 2013, she backed Davis Guggenheim’s ‘The Dream Is Now,’ a short-form documentary focused on immigration reform,” Barnes reports. “The move puts Anonymous into more direct competition with Participant Media, the current leader in cause-based entertainment.”

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MacDailyNews Take:

It is the emergence of mass media which makes possible the use of propaganda techniques on a societal scale. — Jacques Ellul

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