“People come from all around the world to see Mount Everest. But if you lived in Nepal and saw it lurking in the distance every day, it might not seem nearly as impressive,” Charles Lewis Sizemore writes for Smarter Analyst. “You might take it for granted or even dismiss it as no big deal.”

“That’s really where we are today with Apple Inc. and the absolutely gargantuan Apple cash hoard. It has been so large for so long that no one really pays attention to it anymore,” Sizemore writes. “Frankly, that’s ridiculous. Even allowing for a massive tax haircut, Apple’s cash hoard would rank as one of history’s largest treasures… a fortune that would make Croesus blush.”

“As of Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report, the company had $231.5 billion in cash and marketable securities. The Apple cash balance – the gross number, before any debt or tax considerations – would be the 13th largest company in the world, bigger than Wal-Mart and just a hair smaller than Procter & Gamble,” Sizemore writes. “So, yes. The Apple cash hoard is a big deal, no matter how you slice it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s pile of cash would be the 13th largest company on earth. That pretty much says it all.