Some thoughts about Apple’s macOS Sierra

“Since the middle of June, Mac developers have had the chance to pound on betas of Apple’s operating systems to find bugs and make sure their products are compatible. The public got their chance a couple of weeks later with macOS Sierra and iOS 10,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “All told, more than a million have had their chance to see what Apple is working on, and there’s been plenty of coverage.”

“Siri is, as expected for weeks before Sierra was launched, is the big deal. Siri is smarter for iOS 10, and for the Mac as well,” Steinberg writes. “Sierra also has a smarter Photos app, with a Memories feature that lets you harness its face recognition capability to create slideshows and other fancy collections.”

“Although it’s supposedly in a fairly advanced state of development, Sierra, to me, remains in shakier condition than iOS 10. I’m using it on a second partition on a recent 27-inch iMac. But it hasn’t become stable enough to consider using it as my primary OS,” Steinberg writes. “I’m not overly concerned with macOS Sierra’s shaky condition, since it probably won’t be out until October, in keeping with previous releases. There’s still time to clean it up, so it probably won’t be long before it earns a place on my primary partition. But not yet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iOS 10 does indeed seem sounder than macSO Sierra at this point in their respective public beta programs. Once iOS 10 is satisfactory, we expect the remaining major issues in Sierra to be taken care of in time for the Gold Master.


  1. Depending upon what Mac hardware you’re using, the 10.12 Sierra beta has had some stupendous nightmares. I’d enjoy going into gory detail, but NDA. I’ll simply say that I remain critical of how seriously Apple takes macOS. Sierra, when it’s not raping your mind with bugs, is the best version of macOS in years. If Apple get’s its beta testing act together, it could be great. But Apple has NOT (yet).

  2. Still seeing certificate errors in mac OS that are not present in iOS- current shipping versions AND Betas. This is on the same accounts on the same websites on the same ISP on similar hardware with similar software and accessories.

    Why is a properly signed certificate that passes on iOS get rejected on a Mac- beta or not? Certificates are not some insignificant deal and security is requisite for cloud computing of any kind. This issue has been around for some time- current shipping OS included- and nobody at Apple is minding the store.

    I have sent this in to Apple with screenshots, video, data, copies of the Citrix ICA (Independent Computing Architecture) that gets rejected. Still have not seen a fix.

    Since this ICA passes on iOS but is rejected on a Mac one of the OSes is wrong. Citrix software is a BFD for many people who make their living with their computers, but Apple is farting around with emoji.

  3. Lack of features, and bugs is why I’ve replaced Apple’s partitions with a much more sound Linux, Sonar gnu-linux if interested, installation. I love my Apple computer now. And I have an $80 Android tablet as well. 🙂 I have seen the golden chains that have bound me for years, and have broken them.

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