“While nothing major came out of Cupertino this week, speculation continues to run rampant over what hardware Apple will eventually announce, and when,” Don Reisinger reports for Fortune. “All signs are pointing to an early September unveiling for at least the iPhone, but rumors also suggest Apple might showcase a new MacBook Pro with an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touch bar above the keyboard, as well as a new Apple Watch.”

“Here’s what happened in Apple’s world this week,” Reisinger reports. “Have you ever wondered how rich you’d be if you bought Apple stock with all the money you spent on your child? A new calculator has surfaced online showing just how much a person would be worth if they gave up on their dreams of having a child decades ago and simply bought Apple stock instead. Not surprisingly given how much Apple’s stock has risen in the last several years, you’d probably be a multi-millionaire had you invested all that cash in Apple instead of your child’s education, clothes, food, and everything else. ”

“If you were hoping to get the next iPhone, believed to be known as the iPhone 7, on Sept. 16, you might need to wait a bit longer,” Reisinger reports. “Apple-tracking site 9to5Mac this week obtained a leaked AT&T retail schedule that appears to show a ‘merchandising reset’ for Sept. 9 and Sept. 23. Such resets are often used to handle preorders and when a device actually goes on sale, and follow similar ‘resets’ from other Apple devices in the past. Apple hasn’t said when it’ll launch iPhone 7, but earlier reports suggested the device would launch on Sept. 16.”

Much more – a good review of the week that was for Apple-related news – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: That “WhatIfIBoughtAppleInstead.com Calculator” is quite the eye-opening tool, but, regardless, we’d rather have the kids, thanks!

We’re left wondering, what if we bought AAPL instead of those hundreds upon hundreds of CDs way back when? We don’t want to know the answer!

In fact, interns: It’s a summer Saturday afternoon, so TTK again!