“Donald Trump never asked the chief executive of Apple for leadership advice,” Emily Peck writes for The Huffington Post. “Still, Tim Cook could certainly teach the Republican presidential nominee about the art of the apology, telling The Washington Post in an interview published over the weekend that it is important for a leader to admit mistakes and move on. ‘The classic big-company mistake is to not admit their mistake. They double down on them,’ Cook said. ‘Their pride or ego is so large that they can’t say we did something wrong. And I think the faster you do that, the better — change gears to something else.'”

Peck writes, “Cook wasn’t asked about Trump, but it doesn’t take much deep analysis to find the parallels here.”

“Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton has also been criticized for taking too long to own her mistakes: not apologizing for her vote to approve the invasion of Iraq until 2014, for example. She also was called out for waiting too long to admit that her private email server was a mistake ― and then for diminishing that decision,” Peck writes. “Of course, CEOs are operating in a different world than politicians, who are beholden to the more fluid meter of public opinion. An apology could be construed as a sign of weakness. In the business world, that sign could well be eclipsed by bottom line financial results.”

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