“Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac is on the verge of moving to 64-bit,” Jim Tanous writes for The Mac Observer.

“The good news is that the transition from 32-bit to 64-bit should be seamless for most users,” Tanous writes. “There are, of course, still a few aspects worth knowing if you rely on Microsoft’s productivity suite. Here’s what longtime Office for Mac users need to know about the switch to 64-bit.”

“What it all boils down to in the most simplistic sense is that moving to 64-bit allows the software to address more memory,” Tanous writes. “Basic answer: 32-bit systems can address a maximum of about 4 gigabytes, while 64-bit systems can address 16 exabytes (that’s 1 million terabytes, if you’re curious)… The benefits of switching to 64-bit Office for Mac range from ‘game-changer’ to ‘meh,’ all depending on a what you need the software to do.”

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64-bit version of Microsoft Office is finally coming to the Mac – July 8, 2016