Pokémon GO has a chance to change the world

“Everyone is talking about Pokémon Go as if it is changing the world. And it is,” Dean Takahashi writes for VentureBeat.

“I don’t mean that I absolutely believe all of the marketing fluff that because it gets us walking all over with our smartphones, we’re all going to be healthier, appreciate our public monuments more, and become closer as families. That could only happen over a much longer period of time, if Go survives its hype cycle and becomes a part of our daily habits,” Takahashi writes. “[But] I’m happy to report that I’ve seen it make small changes in my own life… I have seen the beginnings of this change in my own family… last night, four of us went out for a walk into the big public park near our house. We violated the park curfew and went in looking for the Pokéstops where we could collect Pokéballs to toss at the wild Pokémon in the park. That was the second walk of the day for my kids and the third time in a week that I went on jaunts with my kids. We ran into two groups of people exiting the park, and one of them kindly told us there was a Jigglypuff around the corner.”

Takahashi writes, “So many people are discussing new experiences with Pokémon Go that it’s already feeling like a bit of a transformation.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Anything that gets people outside and moving is a Good Thing™ for everyone as it has the potential, like Apple Watch’s Activity app, to improve the population’s overall health which could, theoretically, help to reduce our ridiculous health care and insurance costs.

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    1. That’s why the human race has so rapidly mobilised, voluntarily, to clear out the monsters so everyone can get back inside, back to our armchairs and desks and varicose veins.

    1. Exactly, its already happening. In 5 weeks I go back to my regular job at a high school. The kiddies have always had a problem with running into each other, into walls, etc, while obsessing about their phones, but now it will be even more “entertaining”. And the number of car accidents in the parking lot, which has skyrocketed in the last five years will go up even more. Ah well, such is “progress”

    1. Malware rats are catching humans! The usual exploitation of Android ‘openness’. 😼

      Fake Pokémon Go app on Google Play infects phones with screenlocker

      “Pokemon Go Ultimate” requires battery removal or Device Manager to be uninstalled.

      Badware purveyors trying to capitalize on the ongoing Pokémon Go frenzy have achieved an important milestone by sneaking their fake wares into the official Google Play marketplace, security researchers said Friday.

      Researchers from antivirus provider Eset report finding at least three such apps in the Google-hosted marketplace. Of the three, the one titled “Pokemon Go Ultimate” posed the biggest threat because it deliberately locks the screen of devices immediately after being installed. In many cases, restarting an infected phone isn’t enough to unlock the screen. Infected phones can ultimately be unlocked either by removing the battery or by using the Android Device Manager….

      Eset discovered two other fake Pokémon Go apps inhabiting Google Play, one named “Guide & Cheats for Pokemon Go” and the other “Install Pokemongo.” Both deliver ads carrying fraudulent, scary-sounding messages that are designed to trick users into buying expensive, unnecessary services. One such message claims the device is infected with malware and prompts the user to spend money to get the malicious apps removed.

      And Google said they were going to vet software submitted to their Google Play store. Apparently NOT. Three (3) fake Pokémon Go apps.

      Hey Google! Your Google Play store security STILL SUCKS! 🙀

  1. Seems incredibly pathetic to me that all these people are getting outside to look for cartoons, when they could have, all along, been getting outside to look for humming birds, wild orchids or stars.

    1. What’s the difference? One animal exists in a virtual world, the other in the real world. The effect is the same — exploration in the open community.

  2. Everybody pokes fun at Pokémon Go but deep inside wishes they had invented/written it. That app is a cash cow that is just coming out of the gate. With some lucrative endorsements, it will be leading you to places like Burger King and the mall.

  3. This is like a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to play with those adorable creatures in real life, and now I can! I love the 90s, but Pokemon has become real for me, and im glad thst this now finally exists!

  4. “What you may not yet know is that the game was actually developed by a CIA-funded software front group for the purpose of using all the mobile device cameras of the brain dead public to conduct what I call “mass redundant surveillance” of any area requiring immediate video documentation by the CIA or NSA. It’s essentially a CIA spying machine pretending to be a game.”

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/054687_Pokemon_Go_Pied_Piper_zombie_apocalypse.html#ixzz4EkM7AMQo

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