Open Thread: Will you watch ‘Planet of the Apps?”

Apple and, Ben Silverman and Howard Owens have called for developers to submit auditions to appear in the new reality show, “Planet of the Apps” in a one-minute video.

Executive producers, Ben Silverman, and Howard Owens are teaming up for an unscripted series about the world of apps and the talented people that drive its innovation. They’re looking for developers with the vision to shape the future, solve real problems, and inspire change within our daily lives. “We can really tell their stories as we explore how apps are developed and created and incubated,” says Silverman.

Planet of the Apps isn’t just a show, it’s a launch pad and accelerator for exceptional developers. Those accepted will have a chance to receive:
• Mentorship: Hands-on guidance from some of the world’s best experts in tech and entertainment.
• Funding: Those who make it to the final round will meet with top-tier VCs investing up to $10m over the course of the season.
• Marketing and Promotion: Featured placement in the App Store at the end of the show. Also, the potential to reach millions of viewers around the world on Apple platforms.

Participation in the show is limited to 100 of the world’s most talented app creators.

So, our question to you is: Are you interested in watching such a show?

Apple calls for developers to star in reality show ‘Planet of the Apps’ – July 13, 2016


  1. Depends. Look at “Top Gear” or “Three and a Half Men” or many other examples. The old one were done well. The new one….not so much.

    The thing that puts me off Top Gear is that guy from “Friends”. The thing that puts me of “Three and a Half Men” is that guy who thought he was Steve Jobs. The thing that puts me off “POTA” is that guy from Black Eyed Peas.

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